TJ Billard, the University of Southern California researcher behind one of very few studies on trans-attracted men, observed a ‘significant’ amount of shame in those he surveyed. ‘It’s an external shame specifically,’ he tells me. ‘Shame about not wanting people in their lives to know that they have these desires.’
— “Dating While Trans Is Complicated. HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Pushed Me to Unpack My Online Romances,” Mother Jones, 2 August 2019
However, University of Southern California political communications expert, TJ Billard, who has researched this subject, says, ‘It would be hard to imagine the way the mainstream adult industry represents transgender performers would not have any effect on how viewers think and feel about trans people.’
— “Trans Porn, Long Shunned, Goes Mainstream,” Ozy, 10 July 2019
Thomas Billard is a USC doctoral student focusing on transgender representation in media and politics. He says there’s hope. ‘The sheer number of representations is increasing and they are increasingly more dynamic. You have characters who are involved in the storylines. They’re not there one-off.’
— “Modern Family is Making Strides for the Transgender Community. Hear How,” Annenberg Media, 28 September 2016

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