Communication scholar at USC Annenberg


Introducing the Attitudes Toward Transgender Men and Women Scale!

Today is a good day. No, a great day. Why? Because after a year of tireless work, my newly-developed Attitudes Toward Transgender Men and Women (ATTMW) scale is finally published (in Frontiers in Psychology) and available to the world (open access, too)!

I've noted before that existing measures of transphobia haven't been the most useful in my attempts to measure media effects on attitudes toward transgender people, and many of my friends and colleagues engaged in similar work in the field of communication and in social psychology have shared with me their similar frustrations. So, I decided to do something about it! While the scale I developed doesn't solve all of the challenges of measuring transphobia, it offers a significant step forward by disaggregating different identities—toward which individuals are likely to have different attitudes—under the transgender umbrella; unfortunately, past scales have measured "transgender" identities in the aggregate, with no consideration of the multiplicity of trans identities. Of course, my new ATTMW scale doesn't address attitudes toward nonbinary trans people, among other identities, but it does (for the first time!) break out attitudes toward transgender men and attitudes toward transgender women as distinctly measured constructs, and I'm hopeful that other scholars, following my example, will generate new (content-valid!) measures of attitudes toward other transgender identities.

As usual, you can find a copy of the paper in which I generated and validated the scale here, on my CV page, or in the "Selected Publications" section of my Research page. But, in addition, you can find detailed instructions on how to use the scale in your own research, and a breakdown of its subscales and their constituent items, on my Resources page. If you have any questions about the scale, feel free to reach out, and if you use the scale in a study, let me know and send me a copy! I'd love to see it.