Communication scholar at USC Annenberg



Who I Am

Welcome! I'm Thomas J Billard, but I go by TJ, and I'm an early career scholar in the field of political communication. More specifically, I'm an expert in transgender politics and graphic design, conducting research on transgender representation in political media, transgender media activism, and the role of graphic design in political branding. This website is a central hub for my various academic activities, offering more information about me personally, about my research, and about my teaching, as well as offering resources in my domains of expertise to other scholars and students of those subjects. I'll also post occasional updates on my professional (mis)adventures and the rare blog post on current events or my research-related travels. If you don't find what you're looking for on this website, feel free to contact me here.


My Work


My general areas of study are political communication and media activism. My work is guided primarily by traditional political communication scholarship, as well as sociological theories of social movements and collective action, and social psychological work on media effects.  Read more about my research here ↣


I structure my courses such that students are led chronologically through changes in society and the parallel development of theories  devised to explain those changes. Central questions in every course I teach are: What are current theories? How did we arrive at them? Why do we think this way?  Read more about my teaching here ↣


In the course of my research, I've generated a few resources I think might be helpful for students and scholars of similar topics. This is not an exhaustive repository of the resources I've produced, and more will be added over time. Resources include bibliographies, content analysis code books, and psychometric scales.  View my resources here ↣