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In the course of my research, I've generated a few resources I think might be helpful for students and other scholars of similar topics. By no means is this an exhaustive repository of the resources I've produced, and more will be added over time. If there are any resources not listed here that you want access to, feel free to contact me here.

TMS: A Bibliography of transgender studies in media, communication, and technology

TMS is an ongoing (and perpetually incomplete) bibliography I'm maintaining of studies in communication, media studies, and allied fields that focus on issues of particular significance to transgender individuals and identities.  View the bibliography here ↣

The Attitudes Toward Transgender Men and Women (ATTMW) Scale

The Attitudes Toward Transgender Men and Women (ATTMW) scale is a 24-item psychometric measure of transphobia I developed, broken into two non-identical 12-item subscales—one assessing attitudes toward transgender men (ATTM) and one toward transgender women (ATTW).  View the ATTMW scale here ↣

Legitimacy indicators for transgender news coverage

Legitimacy Indicators for Transgender News Coverage is a code book I developed for my first content analytic study published in 2016. It offers a replicable means of analyzing the degree of legitimacy conferred on transgender issues, individuals, and identities in news media reports.  View the code book here ↣ 

The Trans Equality Archive

The purpose of NCTE’s Trans Equality Archive is to make the records of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and the National Center for Transgender Equality Action Fund (NCTEAF) accessible to historians, social scientists, and other researchers, as well as to the wider transgender community. The Archive’s mission in this endeavor is to facilitate greater societal understanding of the fight for transgender equality and to document the challenges to transgender equality that have been faced over the decades, lest knowledge of the work of the transgender rights movement be lost to time. In particular, the Archive strives to document the history of policy work by NCTE and, to a lesser extent, its coalition partners and predecessors that have secured the movement’s most momentous political victories and have shaped the national political culture surrounding transgender rights.

In addition to the records of NCTE and NCTEAF, the Archive collects records generated from the organization’s research, communications, and programming; the personal and professional papers of its officers, staff, consultants, interns, volunteers, benefactors, and associates; the papers of other individuals and organizations when particularly relevant to the documentation of NCTE’s history; and oral histories from actors involved in the establishment and development of the policy wing of the transgender rights movement, including those involved in the origins and early operations of NCTE.

Records collection is currently ongoing, and we are in the process of arranging for a permanent institutional home for the Archive.  Visit the Trans Equality Archive website here [coming soon] ↣